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With more than 30 production sites across three lines of business there is guaranteed to be some news about the Palm Group. Whether company news, product news or interesting industry reports about paper, corrugated board, packaging and recycling - here you will find it all in a nutshell. 


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Palm Cover for sustainable paper tablecloths and paper placemats

New in the portfolio of Papierfabrik Palm

Ceremonial inauguration of the combined heat and power plant in Wörth

Palm sets standards in terms of recycling management, resource conservation and energy efficiency.

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Ceremonial inauguration of the newly modernised combined heat and power plant in Eltmann on 13th July 2023

Palm sets further standards in energy efficiency and resource conservation

Further sales office for corrugated case material and newsprint in Warsaw

Since January, Palm has been operating another sales office in Warsaw, Poland.

Information on the paper industry: New film of the association "Die Papierindustrie e.V."

The paper industry employs 46,000 people at around 150 locations in Germany. The sustainability of this industry is illustrated by the recycling rate…

Palm receives award from the Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Congress in the category "100 companies for resource efficiency" in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The PM 5 project at Papierfabrik Palm GmbH & Co. KG in Aalen is an excellent example of how efficient handling of raw materials and the use of the…

Papierfabrik Palm successfully awarded the renewal of the eco-label “Blue Angel“

The renewed award of the “Blue Angel” eco-label to Palm relates to the entire range of graphic papers from our paper mills in Eltmann (Germany) and…

Successful commissioning of RCCM paper machine PM5

Palm‘s new paper machine at its headquarters in Aalen was successfully started up on 4th July 2021. Due to several Corona-related problems, the…

Federal Environment Ministry promotes our more energy-efficient recycling process

With the new paper machine under construction at the main plant in Aalen-Neukochen, the future requirement for high-quality pulp will be produced in a…

HWK produces function rolls for Palm's new paper machine

At the construction site of the Palm paper mill in Neukochen, the assembly of the world’s fastest and widest corrugated base paper machine is now in…

Palm launches new graphic paper: Palm Diamond as alternative to SC-B quality

Palm paper mills continuously invest in their products and further development. With the development of "Palm Diamond", Palm is introducing a new…

Investment in forward-thinking technologies at the Palm paper factory in Wörth am Rhein

The Palm paper factory is investing over 100 million euros in its Wörth plant. The power plant is being updated, and a new gas turbine and new steam…

Modernisation and expansion of power plant at Palm paper mill in Wörth

On Tuesday 11th February 2020, the ground-breaking ceremony for the modernisation and expansion of the power plant of the Palm paper mill in Wörth…

Swing paper machine converted to RCCM

PM 2 at the Aalen paper mill was installed in 1983 as a swing machine for Newsprint and recycled corrugated base paper.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant in Aalen Neukochen, Germany

Today, in the presence of representatives from administration, politics, business, and industry, the Aalen-based family-owned company Palm is breaking…

Palm receives permission to build

Papierfabrik Palm is able to start with the construction of essential parts of the planned new paper mill in Aalen-Neukochen, Germany.

Waste paper sorting plant in King's Lynn

Palm Paper builds waste paper sorting plant in King's Lynn

Palm invests

Palm invests €500 million at its head office in Aalen-Neukochen

Environmentally-friendly energy supply at Palm Paper

In view of environmental and economic considerations, Palm decided to build a combined cycle power plant (CCGT) to provide an independent supply of…

Palm Academy

The Palm Academy was established in 2017 and offers Palm employees ongoing training possibilities.

Environmentally friendly energy concept for Descartes

Papeteries Palm, Palm’s French paper mill located in Descartes, has successfully started up its brand new power plant at the end of 2017.

[Translate to Englisch:] Palm Flute HP1

Palm Flute HP1

Palm has recently started producing an improved waste based fluting from the Descartes mill.

Palm invests in own energy generation

Palm believes in generating energy by investing in Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT) at all five of its paper mills.

Certification according to EU-Ecolabel (DE/037/001) for Palm News et Palm News H

Since May 2016 Papierfabrik Palm holds the EU-Ecolabel for it’s graphic papers.