• Palm Twin

Flexible Use of Paper

Palm Twin unites the properties of both the Testliner and the Wellenstoff products in a new type of quality paper. Palm Twin generates a more flexible use of the paper and allows a reduction of an array of corrugated materials.


With its good values for strength and its excellent running properties, Palm Twin meets both, the requirements of a corrugated medium and that of a Testliner.

Types of Use

Palm Twin may be used absolutely flexibly it is used in applications where either a Testliner 3 and a corrugated medium has been used to date.


Palm Twin is manufactured on PM6 in Wörth am Rhein, Germany. The three-ply machine design secures an excellent formation and an exceptional moisture cross profile. The colour of the top layer is brown.

Palm Twin is available in the grammage range of 80 – 150 gsm. 

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