• About Palm

    Palm is one of the leading companies in the European paper industry.


The Palm Group is divided into Papierfabrik Palm with its 5 paper mills for the manufacture of paper and Palm Packaging Group with 29 plants for the manufacture of corrugated board. The third pillar of our operations, which encompasses the purchasing of raw materials for all our papers and corrugated boards made from 100 % recycled paper are joined under the umbrella of Palm Recycling consisting of two recycling companies.

In all these areas our company name stand for exceptional product quality, innovative development of our production and processes, close customer relationships and reliable customer care and service.

"'Growth under our own steam' has always been our motto. We are a traditional company and we have created a company spirit where innovation can thrive for the benefit of prosperity and success of our customers as well as for our company."

Dr. Wolfgang Palm


Modern. Caring. Responsible.

As a medium-sized family enterprise with a sense of tradition, we do not only feel a strong sense of responsibility towards the prosperity, success and satisfaction of our customers but also towards the satisfaction and development of our employees. Our strong sense of responsibility is the basis for our company's success. That is why we aim to

  • be a reliable and competent partner to our clients
  • offer our employees (female and male) exemplary employment security
  • manufacture resource-friendly and according to the latest knowledge
  • embed a distinct quality awareness in our corporate culture
  • safeguard the independence of our family enterprise in the long-term

paper mills

6 paper machines
2.6 million tonnes of paper produced per annum


1,000 employees in the paper sector
3,200 employees in the packaging sector

corrugated board plants

700,000 tones of
corrugated board packaging

2, 0
billion Euros turnover

in 2023

recycling companies




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