• Packaging

    We get the corrugated board into the best shape. As individual as your products


Palm offers modern, ecological packaging for your products. We have the industry know-how needed to present your product in its best light. With clever packaging solutions, we can produce packaging that fits your products perfectly.

Product highlight - Shelf Star

Shelf Star is a perfect packaging that is simultaneously suitable for transporting and displaying products on shelves and in refrigerated departments.


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Sales Packaging

Sales Packaging made from Corrugated Board - the perfect seduction at POS

Sales packaging is the method of communication in business with regard to supplying information and creating the first and foremost'
mpression leading to a purchase. Sales packaging conveys values, information and emotions!

We will help you to persuade your customers to make a purchase!

Packaging for Transport

Transport Packaging - environmentally-friendly protection and functionality made from corrugated board

Because of our materials technology and refined designs we will do everything possible to optimise the logistics and security of your product
during transport. In addition to the economic advantages, we place a special importance on avoiding any damage during transit.