• Why Palm

Palm has been a family company for more than 150 years and its roots are steeped in tradition. Our company culture is shaped by honesty and openness. Because of our flat hierarchy we work with great freedom of design and a high degree of responsibility at each place of work. Achieving success together in a strong team helps to safeguard our competitive edge.

The packaging industry is largely impervious to crises, it is manifold and dynamic. Packaging will be required for as long as we consume and invest, whether in foodstuff, clothing, books and mobile phones, furniture or electrical devices, sports or leisure articles, machines and plants, spare parts, control panels or medical technology. If your are working in the packaging sector at Palm, you will liaise with a variety of industrial sectors; our group supplies in excess of 14,000 customers in Germany and abroad.

Perhaps you are interested in the fascinating world of paper technology and would like to help shape it. The latest technologies and processes in paper making are just as relevant to us as the sustainable handling of the environment's resources.

Be enthusiastic about the packaging industry and/or the manufacture of paper - be enthusiastic about Palm!

Share with us our passion for performance and efficiency, for openness and satisfaction of work. Shape the future at Palm and develop your personality and your future career!

Entry Opportunities

Pupils and Students

Here at Palm, students have the opportunity, as part of a dual curriculum, to get a degree in either Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Arts. A continuation of the degree course to a Masters degree is also possible. We are happy to accommodate an internship or project work. 

Starting out in a job upon completion of your training or your degree course

The foundation for our joint success is a thorough training and induction period. As a newcomer in the job you will get to know the different departments of our company and, depending on your role or area of responsibility, you will also get to know the various plants and sites of our group.

Skilled Workers and Managers

Whether you have experience in the packaging industry or in another industry - here at Palm you are at the right place! We challenge and encourage you, we support you and will open doors for you, such as further training and development to Master Craftsman/Foreman or Business Administrator. Develop yourself and the future of Palm Packaging!

Further Training

For any of the vacancies arising within the Palm Group we prefer to recruit our own employees. We accompany the high performers and are in continuous dialogue with them. Together we develop their future career within the Palm Group.

The networking of the plants, the professional exchange and the mutual support are very important to us. For this reason there is a training and development programme across all plants for the targeted development of our employees through a host of seminars in the following areas: -

  • Leadership and Management – Leadership Seminars
  • Sales Training and Negotiation for Account Representatives
  • Technical Training in Packaging Technology
  • Seminars about commercial expertise
  • Comprehensive range of seminars on offer

The programmes for further development and training are structured in a modular fashion and allow step by step personnel development, such as basic training, advanced training as well as training for very experienced skilled workers and managers.

Whether it is training to Master Craftsman, technical training, dual curriculum or a degree course to become qualified in Business Administration, we support the continued professional training of our employees.

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More career examples

From Paper Maker to Head of Technology

Volker Schuberth joined our company in 1989 and completed his training to Paper Maker.
Following the successful completion of this training course, Mr Schuberth studied at the Technical College in Munich (FH München) and graduated in 1995 with a degree as Engineer for Process Technology, specialisation in Paper Production.
The Papierfabrik Palm has financially supported his degree. Today, Mr Schuberth is Head of Technology in our plant in Aalen-Neukochen, Germany.

From Machine Assistant to Paper Technician

Markus Mück joined our company in November 2001 as Machine Assistant. Mr Mück took part in the distance learning course to "Paper Technician" at the training centre in Steyrermühl, Austria, which he completed with Distinction. 
The job title "Paper Technician" in Austria equates to the certification as Paper Maker / Paper Technologist in Germany. We have supported his further training and development financially.

From Packaging Technology to Production Manager

Silke Rummel has studied Packaging Technology in Leipzig, Germany, and joined Palm in 2008 as Technical Account Representative for corrugated base paper at the Papierfabrik Palm in Aalen, Germany. After five years, Mrs Rummel changed to Packwell in Schwepnitz, Germany, as Project Engineer. Since 2014, Mrs Rummel is Production Manager in Schwepnitz.

From Paper Maker to Top Foreman

Christian Mück joined our company in 1992. He started his training to become a Paper Maker in view of the new construction of our plant in Eltmann, Germany. Following the successful completion of his training, Mr Mück worked in our plant in Eltmann. In 1998, Mr Mück completed his further training and development to become an Industrial Foreman in Paper Production in Gernsbach, Germany. The Papierfabrik Palm supported and financed his further Training. Since 2002 Mr Mück is Top Foreman on our most powerful paper machine, the PM6 in Wörth, Germany.

From Packaging Mechanic to Works Manager

Franz Gayer, Packaging Mechanic / Paper Processing Technician, joined the Palm Group in 1997 and started out as Shift Supervisor for corrugated board in Alzenau, Germany. After 4 years, he was promoted to Production Manager in Alzenau and he has also taken a role on in personal Union with management of the packaging development. In 2008 he changed to the Wellpappenzentrum in Wörth as Technical Manager. Since 2012 Mr Gayer is the Plant Manager in one of our largest corrugated board plants in the group.

From Industrial Clerk to Managing Director

Jens Schuhmacher completed his training to Industrial Clerk at Wellpappe Alzenau, Germany, in 2000. Following the professional study and training for a degree in MBA (whilst working), which was financially supported by the Palm Group, he has overseen the group leadership for Financial Accounting and Controlling in Alzenau. In 2010, Mr Schuhmacher changed to a sister company as Sales Office Manager and two years later, he has taken on the Sales Management in Alzenau. Since 2014, Mr Schuhmacher is the Managing Director of Wellpappe Alzenau with responsibility for the plants in Alzenau and Hasselroth.


Paper and Recycling

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