Entry Opportunities

Whether you are a skilled worker, a manager, starting out in a job or you are a student and/or pupil - the Palm Group offers you numerous opportunities on each career level.

Pupils and Students

Here at Palm, students have the opportunity, as part of a dual curriculum, to get a degree in either Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Arts. A continuation of the degree course to a Masters degree is also possible. We are happy to accommodate an internship or project work. 

Starting out in a job upon completion of your training or your degree course

The foundation for our joint success is a thorough training and induction period. As a newcomer in the job you will get to know the different departments of our company and, depending on your role or area of responsibility, you will also get to know the various plants and sites of our group.

Skilled Workers and Managers

Whether you have experience in the packaging industry or in another industry - here at Palm you are at the right place! We challenge and encourage you, we support you and will open doors for you, such as further training and development to Master Craftsman/Foreman or Business Administrator. Develop yourself and the future of Palm Packaging!