• Corrugated Board - a product variety you can depend on

    To be able to offer you the exact required product, we manufacture our corrugated board with a single, double or triple flute in a variety of corrugated shape combinations. 

    To develop the corrugated shape and grammage the practical use of fhe product is of utmost importance. We optimise the bursting strength, the flat crush resistance, the puncture resistance and edge crush resistance for the protection of the product, its handling and the impact of the Advertising. Meanwhile the costs are perfectly balanced.

In addition to the common specifications Palm also develops, manufactures and processes the following: -

  • Fanfold Corrugated – it offers the best flexibility for packaging items with changing dimensions and for bulky items
  • Heavy-duty Corrugated Board – for export packaging, heavy industrial goods and hazardous goods
  • Rolled Corrugated – a cost efficient filling and padding material available in rolls or shapes
  • Lightweight Corrugated Board – for bespoke packaging requirements, i.e. in the food, cosmetics or automotive industries
  • Open Laminated Corrugated Board – as an intermediary product for offset printed packaging
  • Additional specialist types of corrugated board, such as ElastoWell are also available