• Laminated Corrugated Board

Ready to Print

The open laminated corrugated board is an intermediary product for offset printed packaging. We largely use the corrugation profiles B, F, E and G for their manufacture; an A or a C profile is also possible.

We produce double-fluted open laminated corrugated board in the following combinations: - FE, EB, BE, BB and BC.


  • Optional with lengthways perforation and tear strip and/or reinforcing tape


  • PeWell - top layer with polyethylene coating
  • PergaWell - greaseproof corrugated board made from food-safe paper
  • DekoWell - coloured corrugated kraft
  • Narrow Reels/Banderoles - in corrugations sizes G, F and E for packaging plants with a width of 50mm to 100mm

Product Examples