Palm receives permission to build

Papierfabrik Palm is able to start with the construction of essential parts of the planned new paper mill in Aalen-Neukochen, Germany.

Palm, the Aalen-based family business, had applied for an interim permit from the Regional Council of Stuttgart. This was issued by the Regional Council of Stuttgart on 23th May 2019 and construction will begin on Monday, 3rd June 2019. Palm intends to invest 500 million euros in a new paper mill for the production of packaging paper at the Aalen-Neukochen site. The new paper mill will be built between 2019 and 2022. It will produce particularly energy-efficient and sustainable packaging papers for the future and secure jobs at the headquarters in the long term.

Palm will endeavour to award contracts to local companies wherever possible. Subsequently, Palm will boost work and employment for suppliers in the region. The construction of the effluent treatment plant will be handled exclusively by Traub from Ebnat. Work has already started on a new water extraction structure under a special building permit and this is evident by the first construction crane on site. For all other structural work, including the extensive precast concrete parts, the contract was awarded to the Traub group from Ebnat and Glass from Mindelheim near Memmingen. Glass brings special know-how on the construction of technically complex paper machine halls, proven during the construction of the last Palm paper machine hall in England.

The contract for the construction of the truck and car parking spaces was awarded to the long-established Aalen-based construction company Rossaro. Dr Wolfgang Palm states, "We are very pleased that we can rely on such competent local companies who are able to carry out the most important work for us. As a result, large sums of the investment remain in the region. They are a boost to the local economy and trade, especially in a phase of a pending economic downturn".

Dr Wolfgang Palm summarises this by saying, "Construction will begin immediately in all areas."