• Heavy-duty Corrugated Board

Robust with excellent load bearing capacity

Our heavy-duty corrugated board is made from especially sturdy double-flute and triple-flute grades.

  • Capacity of up to 3.5 cubic metres
  • For packaged goods up to 1,000kg and above
  • Highest protection and resistance
  • Light, space-saving and cost effective

The Box Pallets – our work-horse

One speciality of Palm is our box pallets complete with an instant base, whereby the base and the body are made from one sheet of corrugated board. These containers excel due to their great strength, security during transport and efficiency.

Tested Quality

It is proven, you can rely on Palm's heavy-duty corrugated cardboard. Our labs for heavy-duty corrugated cardboard and hazardous goods are certified by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). Their test facilities allow drop tests of up to 1,000kg and stress tests of up to 5 tonnes.

Sought-after Expertise

For decades Palm has been one of the leading manufacturers of box pallets, containers and octabins made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard. Renowned car manufacturers and chemical industry enterprises have been our customers for many years.

Product Examples