• Corrugated Board Packaging

    Corrugated board does not only protect your products reliably, it also serves as a high quality Display for your products. Palm products may be used to pack Food or machine components, to produce folding boxes, die cut packaging or displays and in combination with foil, wood or foam - you specify your requirements and we will provide the bespoke solution.

From a unique piece to millions of units

We are here to help you

Whether you require a prototype, a small or even a miniscule series or millions of units - Palm manufactures your packaging fast, in excellent quality and at economical prices. 

From very small to very large items

We can support you

We are able to manufacture packaging on our machines with either a few centimetres of edge length or large containers made from heavy-duty corrugated board with a holding capacity of up to 3.5 cubic metres. 

Individually printed

We can advise you

Create a distinct look for your packaging. Any design is possible - from a single-colour logo print to elaborately printed packaging in seven colours, the choice is yours.