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For our quality products we use raw materials made from 100% recycled paper; this is mainly collected by us and processed in our own plants. Our aim is to achieve the highest quality and environmental standards. Find out how your region and/or your trade, business or industry can set up, simply and cost effectively, its own paper recycling together with Palm.

Product Overview


Palm is one of the leading manufacturers of newsprint and corrugated base paper made from 100% recovered fibre. At our five locations across Europe we produce approx. 1 million tonnes of newsprint paper and approx. 1.7 million tonnes of corrugated base paper.
Palm is sure to have the quality paper for your requirement - come and see for yourself.

Product Overview


Palm packaging has 29 corrugated board plants, and stands for high-quality, innovative corrugated board solutions. Are you looking for specialised packaging? With our renowned development expertise and wide range of production options, we can fulfil your individual needs and specifications.

Product Overview



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Euros annual turnover (2023)

You are in safe hands with Palm - and so is the environment. Since our paper plant was established in 1872, we have exclusively manufactured products from selected recycled fibres in our environmentally friendly processes.
We continually strive to be a fair and reliable partner to our customers. With our innovative technologies, superior product quality, reliable service and good working relationships based on mutual trust, we strive to serve our customers.
We offer our employees varied and interesting jobs and secure employment.
Openness and honesty are pivotal for cooperation, both in our plants and with our business partners.

With best wishes,
Wolfgang Palm and Marina Palm

Our Promise


As a medium-sized family enterprise with traditionally close customer relationships, we feel we have a responsibility for our products and services, we feel especially responsible for the success and satisfaction of our customers.


Wellpappe Alzenau focuses on sustainable transportation with two new all-electric trucks

Wellpappe Alzenau, a Palm Group packaging plant, has taken a significant step towards sustainability by adding two fully…

Palm Cover for sustainable paper tablecloths and paper placemats

New in the portfolio of Papierfabrik Palm

Winner German Design Award 2024: Quick Setup Display Tray

Excellent Product Design Retail - Packwell Monheim

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Winner German Design Award 2024: Retail-Ready-Packaging

Excellent Communications Design - Packwell Schwepnitz

Ceremonial inauguration of the combined heat and power plant in Wörth

Palm sets standards in terms of recycling management, resource conservation and energy efficiency.

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PALM is one of the finalists of the German Sustainability Award

PALM is one of three finalists in the paper, cardboard and paperboard category of the German Sustainability Award. In…

Winner German Design Award 2023 for "Quality Wine & Champagne Box"

Excellent Communications Design - Seyfert Champagne, Reims

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Ceremonial inauguration of the newly modernised combined heat and power plant in Eltmann on 13th July 2023

Palm sets further standards in energy efficiency and resource conservation

Start of project for new corrugated board plant in Alzenau

For Wellpappe Alzenau, ground surveys are currently taking place for the new construc-tion of the corrugated board plant…

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