• Recycling

    Palm closes the raw materials loop

Since the founding of the company in 1872, Palm has been manufacturing paper made exclusively from recycled raw materials. Today it extends this tradition by collecting recycled fibre and delivers it to 5 paper mills.

Palm Recycling specialises in sourcing recycled fibre for all 5 Palm production sites across Europe. A total of 2.1 million tonnes of paper is manufactured from 100% recycled fibre.

From recycled paper to newspaper and corrugated boxes

Palm Recycling obtains its recycled fibre from municipal and commercial waste management sites as well as from trade, business and industry. Palm can therefore ensure its mills always has sufficient raw materials available for the poduction of the high quality grades it manufactures. With economies of scale Palm is able to optimise logistical routes.

Ecology and Economy

Traditional Values

As a medium-sized family enterprise with traditional values we feel especially responsible for the success of our clients and for sustainable and environmentally-friendly economic growth.

To us this means:

  • to be a reliable and competent business partner;
  • to be able to be contacted quickly;
  • to offer bespoke and simple system solutions - from the source of the raw materials through to processing in one of our paper mills;
  • to combine our logistics intelligently; and
  • to organise the shortest routes of transport from the source of the raw materials to our paper mills.

Raw Materials

Delivery and Production

The delivery points for recycled fibre in Germany are 20 regional sorting centres for recycled fibre in southern and central Germany as well as our paper mills in Aalen, Eltmann and Wörth am Rhein.

Our paper mill Descartes in France is situated south of Tours.

We operate the world's largest paper machine for newsprint in the United Kingdom in King´s Lynn, this paper mill is situated north of London.

The following types of recycled paper are utilised:

All types of recycled paper have to comply with the quality standards of the paper industry. These standards are comprehensively described in the European list of standard grades (DIN EN 643).

Type according to DIN EN643





King´s Lynn



simple, mixed recycled paper




mixed recycled paper




packaging from paper and cardboard




corrugated board 90








newspapers and magazines




deinking furnish




unsold newspapers




unused cardboard and shavings from corrugated board




used corrugated board 2




mixed packaging