• Types of Corrugated Board

As diverse as your requirements

The different types of corrugated board are the intermediary product for further processing, such as printing, slicing, die-cutting and glueing of the packaging; they also serve as intermediary materials and inserts.

Exactly the right corrugated board for your application

Palm's corrugated board types are available in single, double and triple wall, ranging from 0.8mm to approx. 15mm in the categories Fine, Medium and Coarse. Due to the flexible combination of the corrugation profile and the raw material, the board types and the packaging can be manufactured using a variety of combinations, e.g. A, C, B, E, F and G but also AA, BC, BE, EC, EE, ECE and BCB to suit the most diverse range of applications, including yours.

Tested Quality

In our quality control labs our packaging technicians ensure reliable compliance with all the required high-quality properties of the corrugated boards and packaging, e.g. grammage, bursting strength, flat crush resistance, piercing resistance and edge crush resistance.

Product Examples