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Industrial Foreman

The Industrial Foreman (m/f) with the specialisation in Paper Making has a managerial role in the middle management of a plant, which manufactures paper or pulp. They take on an intermediary role to liaise between business administration and production as well as between the management and all employees, male and female. Within their area of responsibility they are responsible for achieving the required production targets for quantity, quality, delivery date and efficiency.

The Industrial Foremen monitors the maintenance and repair of the machinery and equipment. They are responsible for planning of personnel deployment, planning of raw materials and determining the goods required.

Further education and training to become an Industrial Foreman takes place at the Papiermacherschule (Paper Making School) in Gernsbach, Germany; it is available optional as either a 1 year full-time or a 2 year part-time course.

We largely appoint Industrial Foremen as Shift Foreman. They manage the entire operation and make all important decisions. They have full responsibility for the production quantity and quality as well as for their team.