Why choose a career at Palm?

Palm has been a family company for more than 140 years and its roots are steeped in tradition. Our company culture is shaped by honesty and openness. Because of our flat hierarchy we work with great freedom of design and a high degree of responsibility at each place of work. Achieving success together in a strong team helps to safeguard our competitive edge.

The packaging industry is largely impervious to crises, it is manifold and dynamic. Packaging will be required for as long as we consume and invest, whether in foodstuff, clothing, books and mobile phones, furniture or electrical devices, sports or leisure articles, machines and plants, spare parts, control panels or medical technology. If your are working in the packaging sector at Palm, you will liaise with a variety of industrial sectors; our group supplies in excess of 14,000 customers in Germany and abroad.

Perhaps you are interested in the fascinating world of paper technology and would like to help shape it. The latest technologies and processes in paper making are just as relevant to us as the sustainable handling of the environment's resources.

Be enthusiastic about the packaging industry and/or the manufacture of paper - be enthusiastic about Palm!

Share with us our passion for performance and efficiency, for openness and satisfaction of work. Shape the future at Palm and develop your personality and your future career!