• Constructive Sales Packaging

Individual, bespoke, visually appealing - constructive sales packaging made from corrugated board

Exceptional and tailor-made for your product - 
Our custom-made sales packaging offers optimum protection and communication functionality.
Your requirements are our drivers - we will always come up with a special solution!

From the initial idea to the finished packaging, we are your reliable partner and we will develop bespoke solutions tailor-made for your product and your transport requirements. Modern manufacturing methods and our long-standing expertise guarantee, that you will receive unique packaging with optimum protection, simple handling and visually appealing design. Simultaneously, we will consider the reduced use of materials and thus offer lower storage volumes and transport volumes.

By using modern CAD-systems, we can create precise and effective packaging during the design phase by generating a 3D-model.

We happily accept complex packaging requirements for a diverse range of products and uses.

Product Examples