Seyfert Libercourt SAS, France


The site in Libercourt is situated in the North of France, close to Lille; it has been part of Seyfert since 2008. This service site specialises in services, which require careful manual labour in addition to the use of efficient but versatile machines. In Libercourt the bespoke and tailor-made packaging is cut to the special requirements of the customer and manufactured in small to medium sized production volumes. The main focus is complex but robust transport packaging; this can be delivered readily assembled upon request.


Seyfert Libercourt has been part of the Palm Group since 2014.


Seyfert Libercourt SAS

6 rue de l’Egalité
62820 Libercourt
Phone: +33 321 088787
Fax: +33 321 088775
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