• Ecology & Economy


The commitment to sustainable thinking and action is essential for the self-conception of the companies within the Palm Group.

Sustainability characterises our range of papers, corrugated boards and packaging made from recycled raw materials. Sustainability, however, also characterises our traditionally close customer relationships, because as a medium-sized family business we feel a special responsibility for our products and services towards the success and satisfaction of our clients.


Ecology & Economy

Our entire company management is oriented towards environmentally friendly operations and we attach great importance to environmentally friendly and sustainable paper production. The recycled raw materials used by Palm contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

We produce our corrugated case material, newsprint, graphic paper and speciality paper only from 100 % selected recycled paper.

The Palm cycle

We have a closed cycle in the Palm Group. Our raw material, 100% used paper, is procured by Palm Recycling and processed at five locations in Europe. Our paper mills produce very high quality newsprint and corrugated case material. With its 29 corrugated board factories, Palm Packaging produces sustainable and innovative packaging solutions made of CCM that is 100% recyclable.

This enables Palm to offer its customers environmentally friendly paper and sustainable, recyclable and therefore reusable packaging. These can be returned to Palm's cycle after use.

Would you like to learn more about our environmentally friendly innovations?

We are currently modernising the power plants at all three German sites of our paper mills. This entails an investment programme of > € 200 million.

This investment programme will equip all 5 paper mill sites with a highly modern, highly efficient and flexible power plant stations with energy efficiency levels of > 90%. The use of the latest generation of gas turbines also sets high standards. Apart from natural gas, these can also be operated with a 50% hydrogen share. 


The new paper machine PM 5 in Aalen produces lightweight corrugated base paper. From 2022 onwards, the continuous development of our products will make it possible to achieve high grammage reductions down to 60g/m². A material reduction of at least 15% with comparable performance is possible.


Our innovative packaging solutions made of corrugated case material are individual, sustainable and multifunctional. According to an analysis by the Gesellschaft für Verpackungsmarktforschung (GVM), 20% of all plastic packaging in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be replaced by corrugated board packaging. Even 65% of the plastic components used in frozen food packaging can be replaced by paper-based material such as CCM. Our stable packaging solutions for food, electronic equipment or machine parts etc. perfectly protect these products and packaging can be recycled after use. 

Our products are made from 100% recycled raw materials and our products are 100% recyclable.


Award in the category "100 companies for resource efficiency"


Federal Environment Ministry promotes our more energy-efficient recycling process


Investment in forward-thinking technologies at the Palm paper factory in Wörth am Rhein