Optimisation of Products and Processes

Package your goods safer, faster and more economically

Every year, Palm develops a number of new and intelligent packaging solutions. Only those with sufficient expertise and an ambitious desire to provide the best for customer are able to optimise their workflows. Our employees here at Palm Advice and at Technical Sales and Distribution possess the experience to standardise, modularise and simplify our packaging systems; thus you can save time and money. From this wealth of knowledge stems the expertise of our Technical Application Consultants who know the requirements, framework conditions and processes concerning availability and logistics, down to the finest detail. Why not use this expertise and discover the potential for possible optimisation and/or savings for your products?

Additional benefits

  • Reduced complexity due to less components
  • Greater efficiency and thus lower processing costs
  • Lower stock levels
  • Optimised logistics processes


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Systematic Analysis

The first step towards optimisation is analysis. Palm's Advice team first carries out a comprehensive analysis of the required properties for your packaged goods.

Discovery of Capabilities

In the second step the manufacturing processes and transportation routes from the manufacturer to the store shelf or to the assembly line are closely examined. Often we can discover already at this point a significant possibility for optimisation.

Improvements in Efficiency

Using specialist Software, our experts visualise and optimise the use of packaging for your company. Realistic simulations avoid the necessity for costly sampling and facilitate a sustainable gain in efficiency.

Your benefits - fewer processing steps, shorter transport routes, less material use and significantly improved efficiency.