Rolled Corrugated

Simple and Inexpensive

Our rolled corrugated, RollWell, is an inexpensive filling and padding material supplied in rolls or shapes. It is environmentally-friendly, has a favourable pH-value, can easily be processed and it can be used to package items, such as furniture, radiators or lamps.


  • Corrugation profile - A, C, B
  • Reel length - 30m to 500m, depending on corrugation profile
  • Cut to the size specified by you
  • Optional lengthway perforation and tear strip


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Packwell Schwepnitz
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Seyfert GmbH
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Wellprint GmbH & Co. KG
paper mill Neuthard
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Wellprint GmbH & Co. KG
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Adhesive Transport Packaging

With our adhesive, one-sided corrugated board all your packaged goods may be packed fast and securely. The adhesive corrugated side adheres securely and leaves no residue. The connection between the adhesive sides may be opened and fastened several times.


FlexiWell is a specially flexible and tearproof rolled corrugated cardboard. Due to its cross groove profile, it may be wrapped easily around corners and edges.


  • All-purpose grooves every 10mm
  • Bespoke positioning grooves
  • Lengthway perforation
  • Special paper

Product Examples