German Design Award Special 2020

“Special Mention” Award in the “Excellent Product Design” category

The Palm Group is one of the award winners, at the German Design Awards. The “Barbecue-Pyramid” upgrade received the German Design Award Special in the “Excellent Product Design” category, for its outstanding design quality.  

The design department at Seyfert Reichenbach functionally re-engineered and enhanced the Barbecue-Pyramid, originally designed by Wellpaper Alzenau. The multiple award-winning Barbecue-Pyramid was refined and improved - both in its design, as well as its functionality. Not all modifications are visible from the outside, however the entire combination of improvements contribute to a remarkable upgrade.

This complete package was honoured with an additional distinction from the international specialist jury, of the German Design Award. Exceptionally excellent design solutions and the dedication of designers and companies are honoured with the “Special Mention” distinction in the “Excellent Product Design” category.