German Design Award 2022 for LockWell - paper tray made of ultralight corrugated cardboard

Confectionery experience for cookies, cakes, chocolate, and more

Congratulations to the “Winner” in the category of “Excellent Communications Design - Packaging”!

LockWell stands out in the packaging sector for its premium design, which was developed by the company PilloPak in The Netherlands. The packaging solution offers an attractive alternative to A-PET plastic trays. 


  • LockWell is suitable for dry and greasy foods (direct contact with food), as well as for cookies, cakes, sweets, and chocolate
  • LockWell can be used for a range of sales presentations, offering a premium feel and confectionery experience


  • Manufactured from ultralight corrugated cardboard, which combines minimal packaging weight with maximum tray stability
  • Sustainable packaging solution: 100% paper, therefore 100% recyclable
  • Flexible size and design, different product compartment sizes possible

Technical data

  • Low investment and tool costs, can be integrated into existing packaging lines
  • No separate bonding process is required
  • Tray can be set up manually or by machine by simply pushing in the flaps in the centre