Wellpappe Alzenau focuses on sustainable transportation with two new all-electric trucks

Wellpappe Alzenau, a Palm Group packaging plant, has taken a significant step towards sustainability by adding two fully electric Mercedes E-trucks (E-Actros) to its fleet. This investment is a further step towards the company’s committee for environmentally friendly transportation and is part of a wider initiative to reduce ecological footprint.

The two e-trucks, which have been in regular use since March 2024, are the first fully electric vehicles in Wellpappe Alzenau's truck fleet. The e-trucks have an impressive range of around 300 kilometres. This enables Wellpappe Alzenau to supply its customers within a radius of 100-150 kilometres around Alzenau efficiently and without intermediate charging. The e-trucks can be charged at the Wellpappe Alzenau site using a newly installed charging station.

„The introduction of these two e-trucks is an important milestone for us" said Jens Schuhmacher, Managing Director of Wellpappe Alzenau. "We are proud to be pioneers in the use of environmentally friendly transport solutions and will continue to invest in technologies that help to minimise our ecological footprint. The sustainable and recyclable corrugated cardboard packaging we produce contributes to this."

Mercedes' new e-trucks are not only environmentally friendly, but also offer impressive performance. Their introduction is proof that sustainable transportation on the road is not only possible but also practical.

The new e-trucks project from Wellpappe Alzenau is being funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport with around 475,000 Euros as part of the directive on the promotion of light and heavy commercial vehicles with alternative, climate-friendly drive systems and associated refuelling and charging infrastructure (KsNI). The funding guideline is coordinated by NOW GmbH and applications are approved by the Federal Office for Logistics and Mobility.

For more information about Wellpappe Alzenau, its sustainable initiatives and the planned construction of the new plant, please visit www.wellpappe-alzenau.de.