Seyfert Salzgitter Wins the German Design Award Special 2021

Special Mention for “Bottle-Wrap” in the Category of Excellent Communications Design – Packaging

The Palm Group has won an award at the 2021 German Design Awards. The Bottle Wrap development received the honour from an international jury. 

The German Design Award is one of the world's most renowned design competitions, and is a highly respected honour within professional circles and beyond. Any company that can win out over the tough competition in this arena has proven it is among the world’s best.

The Seyfert Salzgitter design department was tasked with developing robust presentation and shipment packaging for a high-quality liquor. The requirements were to ensure a clear view of the product and transportation protection, as well as packaging that could be straightened quickly. Seyfert Salzgitter met these demands, and the Bottle Wrap is the result.

The Bottle Wrap is a pre-glued packaging delivered flat to customers that offers good padding and acts as the perfect protection during transport. Large visible areas on all four sides present objects inside the Bottle Wrap clearly. Another advantage of this environmentally-friendly packaging is its flexibility, as the packaging is suitable for high-quality printing processes.

Thanks to the pre-glued design, primarily cylinder-shaped products can be packaged in seconds and are ready to go. In combination with outer packaging, the Bottle Wrap sales packaging can be transformed into secure shipping protection that creates an “AHA” moment when the recipient opens it.


Jury statement German Design Award

An environmentally-friendly and innovative cardboard box. Pre-glued and delivered flat to the customer. It stands out thanks to easy handling and good padding, even though it provides a view of the protected objects, like a bottle. Innovative packaging suitable for high-quality printing procedures.