Palm Packaging is winner of the IF DESIGN AWARD 2019 - Lamella Box

Palm Packaging has won this year's IF DESIGN AWARD and is one of the winners of the world-renowned design label.

Since 1953, the IF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized as an internationally accepted label for good design. For designers, this award is a confirmation of their abilities, reference and an advertising medium. For companies, the IF DESIGN AWARD can be a key entry to new markets and generate valuable media attention. With the evaluation of international, independent experts in the fields of design, economics and architecture, the IF DESIGN AWARD is a unique marketing tool for the winners. That's why this prestigious award is highly desired worldwide. "

The submission:

  • Non-branded packaging
  • construction

Lamella box

  • Designer
    Holger Proxa, Marcel Mathis, Yucel Metin

The lamella box was started as a proactive, cross-group project. Ideas from different plants were collected and developed in a design process of a team, across the factory.

Thanks to the fantastic collaboration between colleagues from different plants, in this case Seyfert GmbH Salzgitter, an award-winning designer piece was designed.