Palm is system relevant

High volumes of medicine bottles or containers are not able to be loaded and transported loose on a truck. Corrugated board packaging is always absolutely necessary for this purpose.

To supply the population with essential medicines, food and hygiene products, corrugated board packaging and thus corrugated board base paper are an indispensable component. Palm with all 28 corrugated board plants as well as its three corrugated board base paper mills in Aalen, Wörth and Descartes is therefore relevant to the system.

The daily newspaper is an indispensable medium for informing citizens about decisions and developments in connection with Coronavirus. Newsprint is needed to produce the daily newspaper and is therefore system relevant; produced at Palm's newsprint mills in Eltmann and King's Lynn.

In summary, it can be said that all 33 Palm operations are systemically relevant. They are an important link in supplying the population with medicines, food and the daily newspaper.

Palm makes every effort to secure the needs of its customers and the supply of the people. The protection of our employees is the highest priority. Due to the high degree of automation in the plants workplaces in the company are sufficiently separated. For necessary direct communications a distance of at least 2m is observed. With intelligent exchange systems, many office employees work alternately from home and their regular workplace.

Considerable efforts are being made to meet the increased short-term nature of scheduling; more work is being undertaken to cover business operations. The Palm employees continue to provide an excellent service. The strong team spirit is now proving particularly effective; you can feel the enthusiasm and pride of the employees.

All Palm jobs are fully secured. Palm considers that it has a good chance of emerging from the crisis stronger than before.