GFIA 2021 Special Mentions

Global Flexo Innovation Awards 2021 special mentions for “Shopping Bag” as joint contribution of Seyfert Reichenbach and D&W Flexo-Manufaktur

 A total of 208 entries were submitted to the competition from 24 countries, demonstrating creativity and a wide range of Flexo innovations and process improvements. The independent Miraclon jury, which included 8 Flexo experts from throughout the packaging value chain, selected a total of 13 winners to receive the 2021 Global Flexo Innovation Awards based on their outstanding performance. The award is bestowed on innovations that set high standards through creativity and efficient, consistent, and sustainable manufacturing processes.

In addition to the 13 winners, the jury selected 5 entries that stood out of the crowd as “Flexo Innovation Awards 2021 Special Mentions”. The “Shopping Bag” was one entry to receive this honourable distinction.

Harald Gromer, Mareike Pfeiffer, Andreas Bruntner, Carsten Gärtner and the plant operators of the Göpfert Ovation (Seyfert Reichenbach) played key roles in designing the print layout and the creative solution. The high-quality, outstanding print results were achieved by combining the 6-colour print with soft-touch varnish, 3D high-gloss varnish (eye area), matte varnish, and Kodak NXC printing plates.

The custom printable “Shopping Bag” impressed the jury thanks to its wide range of uses. According to the jury, it was “a joint project that resulted in an impressive and all-new packaging design: a paper bag that can easily be converted into a cardboard box. This entry uses an innovative, patented packaging design to offer a unique alternative to plastic bags at the bill, where storage space is limited”.

The contact person for further information is Carsten Gärtner Cell 0151 20933066.