German Design Award 2022 - Special Mention for Rising Box

Secure gift packaging for transporting champagne and wine in best form

Congratulations to the design team at Seyfert Champagne in Reims, France. 

The international professional jury honoured the “Rising Box” with a “Special Mention” in the category of Excellent Communications Design - Packaging.

This high-quality, designer transportation and gift packaging further elevates the customer experience.

A well-designed system for opening the packaging draws the customer's attention immediately to the bottle, which tilts toward the customer.

The design of the “Rising Box” also provides excellent protection during transit through e-commerce logistics, ensuring the bottle is intact and ready to open. The packaging is also fully recyclable.

The packaging can also be used as a display, and is suitable for high-quality printing on both sides. The folding technique provides a high level of protection in transit, and a clever padding system for the bottle. The packaging also uses a safety closure that requires no adhesive, and is perfectly suited for use in e-commerce.