Start of project for new corrugated board plant in Alzenau

For Wellpappe Alzenau, ground surveys are currently taking place for the new construc-tion of the corrugated board plant in the industrial area of Alzenau-Nord. This is the first step of the project "New construction of the Alzenau corrugated board plant", which at the same time involves an upgrading of the existing site for the inner city of Alzenau.

The new site of Wellpappe Alzenau is located on the edge of the industrial area Alzenau-Nord. Exploratory drilling is currently underway, which is necessary for the preparation of a building ground report. The soil investigations will be completed within a few days.

The new building will free up a large area at the old site in the centre of Alzenau for attractive development opportunities. The location is ideal for numerous flats or facilities to be built within walking distance of Alzenau's city centre. This will save residents a lot of individual traffic. In addition, the area surrounding the site with its beautiful location south of the river Kahl and the adjacent park is both quiet and attractive.

Another big advantage of the newly located building will be the reduced delivery traffic in the urban area. This will benefit the local school and kindergarten in Edith-Stein-Strasse.  In addition to a quieter environment, safety aspects will also be improved, such as the entrance and exit at the bus stop for school children.
In addition, the delivery traffic on the access roads to the motorway exit 'Alzenau Mitte' and the trips to the external warehouse of Wellpappe Alzenau will be eradicated. The residents, e.g. along Hanauer Straße, will particularly benefit from the reduced noise and traffic pollution.

The new plant of Wellpappe Alzenau will be located in the northern part of the industrial area, so that all delivery traffic will be routed directly via the 2305 state road onto the motorway and thus completely shifted away from the town.

The 250 employees of the corrugated cardboard plants in Alzenau and Hasselroth-Gondsroth will in future be working at one site and will be able to reach the new plant via the industrial area or the state road, so that there will be no additional commuting traffic in the town centre. Almost 40 % of the employees live in the city's district and can still reach their workplace on foot or by bicycle, helping the burden on the environment and the city. The employees of Wellpappe Alzenau are very pleased that the project "New construction of Wellpappe Alzenau" has now begun and that their jobs are secured in the long term.

All in all, the new building of Wellpappe Alzenau in the industrial area of Alzenau-Nord and the space it will free up in the town will significantly upgrade the entire area south of the river Kahl. The city of Alzenau can be made even more liveable thanks to the possibility of building central and beautifully located apartments and the reduction in traffic in this area.