• Shelf Star

    Shelf Star: Clever presentation packaging that puts your products in the right light on the retail shelf.


    You can identify this innovative packaging concept by the all-round glued edges and the stacking fixings for safe transport.

Shelf Star: your perfect shelf packaging

Our new Shelf Star shelf packaging combines an innovative packaging system with a new and unique automated erector or end-of-line machine solution. Shelf Star fulfils all current and future retail requirements with the Multi Level Case Erector or the Multi Level Case Packer. And with maximum flexibility in packaging design and format.

Benefit now from potential advantages such as lower packaging costs, a reduction in your CO2 footprint and further savings in transport and personnel logistics, without having to compromise on quality.

What makes our new Shelf Star product so unique for you?

  • Shelf Star is the first retail-oriented system packaging for packers in which the machine concept and packaging design were conceived and developed together.
  • Shelf Star is a new packaging that is simultaneously suitable for transporting and displaying products on shelves and in refrigerated departments.
  • Shelf Star is an extremely stable system packaging and easy to handle.

How can I recognise a shelf star?

  • Shelf Star can be recognised by the stacking corners
  • and by the edges that are glued all around.

What is so special about Shelf Star?

  • Due to the design-related standing Flute in all side parts, the Shelf Star transports your products safely. And afterwards in the shop, the Shelf Star presents your products safely and advantageously on the shelf.
  • The Shelf Star is available, for example, with an integrated podest to present different products at the same time.
  • The Shelf Star has perfectly designed stacking corners. These allow the Shelf Star packaging to be stacked properly.
    Nothing prevents tower stacking and the tendency to tip over is also reduced. This makes the Shelf Star ideal in logistics.
  • Stacking fixation is rethought with the Shelf Star: without any holes in the base. The carrying corners engage in the cut-outs in the double base. There are no components protruding upwards and the Shelf Star is compatible with all automatic palletising systems.

You can receive more information by mail: shelfstar@palm.de

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Raphael Freudenberger

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