Since the company was founded more than 140 years ago, continous outstanding quality has been the basis for the success of Palm. Our customers may, today as well as in future, still rely 100% on this quality as we are working in compliance with the regulations. Implementation and compliance are binding according to company guidelines, these comprise the management of quality, the environment and hygiene as well as job security, they are all part of the managerial responsibilities. This is realised by the senior executives through continuous training and development to enable a responsible way of thinking and acting by all our employees, which is also monitored and ensured through regular controls. Compliance with current legal and safety regulations and the avoidance of environmental pollution have utmost priority. Quality of products and observing defined responsibilities enhance and support customer satisfaction. Continual optimisation processes, instigated by innovative thinking and actions, help safeguard the future of the company.

On the one hand, we document our commitment to the environment through the recycling process itself, where we independently operate the cycle - from waste paper through to the final packaging; and on the other hand, we are certified according to the respective environmental standards for paper making across all our production sites.


Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001
Hygiene Management DIN EN ISO 22000
Health and Safety at Work OHSAS 18001 / DIN EN ISO 45001
Environmental Management DIN EN ISO 14001
Energy Management DIN EN ISO 50001