Newsprint Paper reaches 2-million tonne mark at Palm Paper

On 24th January 2015 the 2-million tonne mark for the production of newsprint paper was reached at Palm Paper in King’s Lynn, United Kingdom, this is another milestone in the successful history of the company.

This milestone date is not only the result of the remarkable speed the PM7 machine uses, which is worldwide the largest paper machine for newsprint paper, it is also testimony to the qualification, commitment and dedication of our strong PM7-Team - the second million of paper has been produced in 12% shorter time compared to the first million produced. "To be able to utilise the potential of our machines most efficiently, each of our employees receives a comprehensive training in theory and practice", explains Stephan Gruber, Plant Manager at Palm Paper.

Our continuous research and development has led to a complete product family. In addition to the newsprint paper standard, in King's Lynn we also manufacture improved ranges for printed objects in heatset or intaglio printing with product names, such as Palm Print and Palm Top, these are used for newspaper supplements and inserts, TV magazines or advertisement brochures and commercial printing.

Palm Paper is part of Palm, our nine paper machines across Europe produce a total capacity of more than 2 million tonnes of paper annually.