New in the assortment:- Palm Flute HP

At the start of 2014, Papierfabrik Palm has launched the corrugated base paper Palm Flute HP to complement its existing product range.

To complement its product range, Papierfabrik Palm has launched the corrugated base paper, Palm Flute HP, at the start of 2014. This high-performance product follows the market trend for more efficient corrugated base papers based on recycling. Significantly, the important SCT cross-value of the new Palm Flute HP is 20-25% above the value of traditional corrugated materials. Like all of Palm's corrugated base papers, Palm Flute HP is also FSC certified. It is available in the grammage range of 115gsm, 135gsm and 150gsm.
Papierfabrik Palm is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of corrugated base papers and we specialise in products, which consist 100% of high-quality waste paper. 
Palm's paper distinguishes itself with its clean, homogenous surface; the papers have an excellent cross profile and they possess reliable and very efficient performance parameters.